Data Security

As VIP Turkey Transfer, we prioritize the protection of your personal data. With this agreement, VIP Turkey Transfer with the address of [Insert Address], protects your information.

The information you provide to VIP Turkey Transfer is not shared with third parties.

User Registration Requirement to Get VIP Turkey Transfer Service

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the information they provide to VIP Turkey Transfer on behalf of themselves or someone else is complete and accurate.

Terms of Service and Cancellation Policies

Transfer Trips and Hourly Chauffeured Car Rental

For one-way or two-way transfer services, the price given in the system is valid for the starting and leaving route chosen by the user. VIP Turkey Transfer has the right to charge additional fees for extra breaks or stops.

Hourly Reservations
2.1. This service is provided to travel within Istanbul. If you have purchased an hourly rental service in Istanbul, this service must be provided within that municipality. You cannot travel to another city.

2.2. Airport transfer service is not included in the selected time for hourly reservations. If airport transfer is required outside of the hourly reservation service, you must pay an additional transfer fee.

2.3. Hourly journeys should always end in the municipal area of the pickup location. The hourly reservation starts from the time you choose.

Vehicle Class Changing Request
3.1. There are multiple vehicle classes available, including Economy, Comfort, Business, Premium Minibus, Premium, First, and Minibus. If customers make a reservation for Business class and later want to upgrade, it requires an additional fee. If the reserved Business class vehicle is unavailable, the company may replace it with a higher model.

Luggage Capacities and Pet Transportation
4.1. The description section of the vehicles listed on the reservation screen includes information about luggage capacities. If additional conditions such as excess luggage, large luggage, or pets are not mentioned in the additional comment section during the booking, the customer will be charged an extra fee.

4.2. Transport of children: Users who require a child seat must specify it at the time of booking in the additional comment section.

4.3. The number of guests and baggage capacities stated for the vehicles are estimates. If the driver deems the baggage dimensions and the number of guests to be unsafe, they may refuse to carry the guests or their baggage.

Refusal of Carriage

If the user fails to provide accurate information as outlined in paragraphs 4.1 – 4.3, carriage may be refused. No refund will be made in accordance with this agreement.

Cancellations, Change of the Reservation, No-show

5.1. For standard transfers, the reservation can be canceled 24 hours before the agreed pickup time. In such cases, 100% of the fee paid by the user will be refunded. If less than 24 hours remain before the transfer time, no refund will be given.

5.2. For VIP services (E-Class and S-Class), cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the agreed pickup time to receive a 100% refund. If less than 48 hours remain before the transfer time, no refund will be given.

5.3. For hourly reservations, if there are 24 hours or more left before the agreed pickup time, the user will be refunded 100% of the price paid. If less than 24 hours remain, no refund will be given.

5.4. In case of reservation changes, if the user wishes to change the pickup time and date after booking, VIP Turkey Transfer may claim compensation based on availability.

5.5. For both transfer services and hourly rentals, if the user or passenger has not arrived at the agreed pickup point after the agreed pickup time without cancellation, the trip is considered unused and the full fare must be paid.

5.6. Waiting times for transfers: At airports or train stations (excluding long-distance train stations), there is no extra charge for waiting time up to 60 minutes after the agreed pickup time when the flight or train is delayed. For other locations, the allowed waiting time is up to 15 minutes from the agreed pickup time. Each additional waiting time will be charged based on the hourly reservation prices of the specific municipal area and vehicle category.

5.7. In hourly reservations, exceeding the specified time and kilometers will incur additional fees based on the price per kilometer of the relevant municipal area and vehicle category.

Customer Behavior in the Vehicle

Smoking is prohibited in vehicles. If the user or guest violates this rule, they are responsible for paying the cleaning costs and compensating for the vehicle’s downtime. Alcohol consumption in the vehicle requires prior permission.


Special requests such as multilingual drivers, individual vehicle labeling, additional stops, bulky luggage, or car seats for children may increase the price.

Payment Terms & Transaction Fees

7.1. Payments can be made by credit card through the system or in cash directly to the driver at the time of pickup. For bank transfer payments, any transaction fee differences are the user’s responsibility. VIP Turkey Transfer may impose fines for each payment reminder.

7.2. Payment by credit card is processed immediately. For bank transfers, the payment date specified on the invoice must be followed.

Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are valid between specified dates and cannot be combined with other coupons. Coupons are not convertible to cash.

Accuracy of Information and Liability

VIP Turkey Transfer is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the user. Users are responsible for all claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising from any misuse of the service.

VIP Turkey Transfer does not guarantee error-free service and is not responsible for network errors or software glitches.

The user is granted a conditional and revocable right to use VIP Turkey Transfer’s tools in compliance with these terms. Unauthorized use such as modifications, copies, republishing, or distribution is prohibited.

VIP Turkey Transfer may update these terms. If the user does not object within 15 days of the updated terms being uploaded to the website, the new terms will apply.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

In case of a contract dispute, the laws of the Republic of Turkey apply to all legal relationships. The place of fulfillment is Istanbul, Turkey.