Beyoğlu has been ever present as a vibrant, rich cultural hotspot, and a fan favorite location for many visitors all over the world. A popular hive of activity that stretches for over 1 km. And now with some fabulous new developments, visitors and tourists will be taken on a wonderful journey of connection from the old to the new of important landmarks, places of interest across the district. An unmissable experience awaits starting from the newly developed Galataport, taking you through the depths of the narrow streets of Karaköy and beyond, through the charm and simplicity and sophistication of Istiklal Caddesi and gradually winding up to the innovative and newly transformed Taksim Square.

Where Istanbul Unwinds

Beyoğlu is a true symphony of culture when East meets West and the pulsating heartbeat of İstanbul’s day and nightlife. Istiklal Caddesi – a cobbled thoroughfare teeming with İstanbul’s colorful people – is the center of the metropolis, while around it a labyrinth of narrow, winding alleys with funky cafés, soulful bars, continental restaurants, historic cinemas, prominent theatres, and exclusive shops stretches in all directions. Taksim Square, with its impressive Monument to the Republic, points the way to the bohemian open-air museum of Beyoğlu, past the Hagia Triada Orthodox Church and the Consulate buildings. The Istanbul Nostalgic Tram quaint old but the most recognized red trams in the world takes passengers past Rumeli Han, Çiçek Pasajı, Cite de Pera, Atlas Pasajı, Galatasaray High School and several elegant consulates.

Every year the Beyoğlu Culture Route Festival, the Istanbul International Film Festival, the Istanbul International Music Festival, the Istanbul International Theatre Festival, and the Istanbul International Jazz Festival are held here and in the surrounding districts. The district is also home to the Beyoğlu Emek Cinema, which hosts the annual Filmekimi film festival.

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