Kadikoy the King of Cool

The Anatolian side of Istanbul offers many charms – and none more so than the seaside district of Kadıköy. Bohemian Meets Third Wave Cool Kadıköy is just a leisurely beautiful ferry ride away from the city’s most famous historical sights and exudes youthful energy and a relaxed atmosphere. The streets stretching out from the ferry port are teeming with third-wave coffee shops, hip multi-purpose cafés doubling as bookshops, art centers, vendors of chic retro memorabilia, lively innovative bars, casual restaurants, and small boutiques. The Yeldeğirmeni district in the north is more of a grungy bohemian neighborhood, while the Moda neighborhood in the south exudes an established kind of cool. In recent years, the combination of Kadıköy-Moda has become a cultural hotspot for art and music. Yeldeğirmeni: A Grungy Bohemian Neighborhood Yeldeğirmeni is well-established and welcoming, with relatively uncrowded narrow streets that are a delight to explore. Countless nice cafés and breakfast places line the streets, and it’s home to the unmissable and creative street art installations on Karakolhane Street. Walls Make the Perfect Canvas About two dozen multi-storey murals were commissioned as part of the Mural Istanbul Festival, which took place annually from 2012 onwards and turns a walk through the backstreets of Kadıköy into a scavenger hunt of street art. Around Misakı Milli Sokak and Reşit Efendi Sokak, there’s a whole series of murals – including lifelike portraits and images of fantastical imagination. Pleasant shopping options of charmingly cluttered clothing and collectible shops on Recaizade Street are ready to entice you, all the while, you are accompanied by a gentle breeze and the faint but inescapable scent of the sea air. This salty breeze stimulates the appetite – especially in this part of the city where the inhabitants like to eat well, with so much classical, modern, and fusion cuisine on offer. Airport Transfer Services If you need an airport transfer to Istanbul or Sabiha Gökçen Airport from and to Kadıköy, look no further. Click the button below to book your transfer or contact our customer care on WhatsApp at 0090 552 500 55 20, available 24/7. Experience the vibrant charm of Kadıköy and let VIP Istanbul Airport Transfer ensure a seamless journey to and from the airport, allowing you to soak in the city’s rich culture and atmosphere.